Waiting for Lorien
Yes, I'm Maggie Hoyle, number two. I may be dead, but at least I have wifi (jk). Anyways, I'm waiting for the Garde to restore Lorien. Feel free to ask me any stuff. To my followers, I love you all very much (my very very crazy mod will most likely follow you back...)



Friendly reminder: Most Loric live decades longer than humans which means that John will be alone for years after Sarah dies.

I already thought of that… In IAMF is mentioned the average lifespan of a Loric is like 200 years, for humans an average 80. So if John and Sarah stay together (and win the war, but let just say they do), John will be alone for more than a (human) lifetime. Same for Sam and Six…

and now, the whole lorien legacies fandom must take a second to weep for all of the loric/human ships…

'ello! It's maggie, again! I made a video-game inspired thingy for the Lorien Legacies, 'cause why not…




I’m starting to believe that this fandom should write these books instead…

At least we will write the correct names of the characters. 

you just burnt the author

Chibi Lorics :)

Image 1: Mar & Eight

Image 2: Mua

Image 3: Mar, Eight, Nine, & Ella.

'Ello! I've been a bit busy lately (with hunting mogs and stuffs, of course…). Sorry for the lack of updates.

I’ve been going on a drawing spree recently, so here’s Ella. :3

Marina of the Seas

XD I sort of think that Crystal would be an awesome Mar…


"We’re all going to die someday, Marina," Eight says in a strange voice.

Ah, got those words mixed up (my apologies, reminds me that ps doesn’t auto save for you ;-;) Also, we should’ve known this was cruel foreshadowing. /eternal sobs/


HEY GUYS! So a while back in this post I mentioned that I almost reach a follower milestone, and GUESS WHAT?

200 of you guys have followed me! Ok now I know that this is nothing compared to some of you guys who has, like, 400-600 followers, & I seem a lot less cool to some of you now, ha ha.

But I’m really thankful all the same, that you guys would find me followable (ha ha), every single one of you, so I figure that I wanna do something nice for you all!

So I’m making… *drumrolls*

            URL graphics

if you don’t know what it is, it’s basically making a graphic that incorprates your URL. here is an example.

But of course, I’m going to do it in my own style, haha. Ok, enough babbling, HOW EXACTLY DO YOU GET ME TO MAKE YOU A URL GRAPHIC?

  • must be following me (I will check! This is a follower milestone celebration, it won’t make sense if I make this for people who don’t follow me, duh :P )
  • your url has to have a bit of Lorien Legacies in it (duh, this is a Lorien Legacies blog)
  • It doesn’t have to be 100%, though. Just that your URL is part Loric (see what I did there??), then I’ll do it for you.
  • expiration date: unlimited, but if you reblog it, like, long after I’m done with all the urls, then I won’t make it for you haha.
  • NOTE: I might not start making these until the end of the week because of exams!
  • *extra information: if you have a Lorien Legacies sideblog, and you have followed me on your main blog, please tell me!
  • *also, if this post has been added with comments and stuff, I’d rather you reblog it from the source, as I don’t want my post with lots of comments going around.

All right? Happy reblogging & thanks again!

I guess I had too much fun with Photoshop last night…

A sketch-y-thing of Mar :)



Nine fell down again.


FRIEND: I finished the rise of Nine!

ME: Oh my god! Did you like it!

FRIEND: Yes! Aww, Marina and Eight are so cute!

ME: I know right! (secretly dying)

ME: Do you ship them?

FRIEND: Yes! They are adorable

ME: Do you really?


ME: Seriously!


ME: Swear to me you…

Anonymous said:
oh god i hope you didn't loose the drabble


i diiiiiiid i’m crying i’m gonna rewrite it now

I’m so sorry urgh I’ve done that too and it sucks a lot…