Waiting for Lorien
Yes, I'm Maggie Hoyle, number two. I may be dead, but at least I have wifi (jk). Anyways, I'm waiting for the Garde to restore Lorien. Feel free to ask me any stuff. To my followers, I love you all very much (my very very crazy mod will most likely follow you back...)

for my loric challenge (x), 2 anons asked for john & sarah. (yesterday) :3 


That’s the pic of the coloured characters without background (White spaces) in PNG form…

uwu i put the non-transparent version here

an example of the loric challenge with mar x eight…

find the challenge here


Hello! It’s Maggie, again. I’m bored, and I feel like drawing which means I’m making a challenge for this week.
Okay, I’ve never done this before, but if anyone sends in a lorien legacies ship, I will draw something to make that ship canon. (From now to next Sunday night ). I promise to do all of the ships in my inbox.

Aand the challenge has begun….

find the works on this tag

happy easter, lorics! :3

fr. maggie. (mar, 7 symbol, & ella)


When August 26 finally comes:


Lorien Legacies + multifandom headcanon brotps
(Darn, I had to repost the thing again because I (or rather my dumb mod) messed up some spelling…)

The Loric Garde… (Without five for obvious reasons)


I bet someone has said this before, but I feel like the reason Maggie was the only Garde to have a Cêpan of the opposite gender was because Conrad and Maggie were actually related.

Hm. I never really found out, since Conrad and I never really talked about my family….






Revenge of Seven cover revealed.

The Garde have suffered the ultimate betrayal: Number Five has allied himself with the Mogadorians. He killed Eight and helped the Mogs abduct Ella from the Garde’s Chicago safe house. Now the fight for Earth’s survival has just become that much more impossible. After the dual battles at the end The Fall of Five, the Garde are broken and divided once again. They may not have time to mourn their fallen ally, but they’ll make sure to avenge him. And they now have the help of the most unlikely of allies: Adam, a Mogadorian who has turned his back on his people and will do whatever it takes to stop them. Adam comes a host of invaluable information about Mog technology, battle strategies, and weaknesses. With his help, the Garde may just have a fighting chance…but are they repeating past mistakes by putting their trust in him?

The Revenge of Seven will be release August 26, 2014

Can’t wait!!!!!

I don’t know about you but my arm still feel like it got strike by a lightning

Sorry, lost control there for a bit. :/ 

OOC: so excited!!!!



Friendly reminder: Most Loric live decades longer than humans which means that John will be alone for years after Sarah dies.

I already thought of that… In IAMF is mentioned the average lifespan of a Loric is like 200 years, for humans an average 80. So if John and Sarah stay together (and win the war, but let just say they do), John will be alone for more than a (human) lifetime. Same for Sam and Six…

and now, the whole lorien legacies fandom must take a second to weep for all of the loric/human ships…

'ello! It's maggie, again! I made a video-game inspired thingy for the Lorien Legacies, 'cause why not…




I’m starting to believe that this fandom should write these books instead…

At least we will write the correct names of the characters. 

you just burnt the author

Chibi Lorics :)

Image 1: Mar & Eight

Image 2: Mua

Image 3: Mar, Eight, Nine, & Ella.